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Assignment Questions

Vulnerable Population Project

Vulnerable population in the workplace( elderly diabetic Hispanic outpatient ). this project consists of two parts. A whole will be developed regarding the Latin elderly diabetics referent to the barriers that affect the disparity in promotion health care and the other part of this project we, will design a action plan for the workplace, where can teach a class , create a poster for display in my unit , or design a brochure for staff how decrease this barriers.the goal of this project is identify barriers in the workplace to understanding vulnerable population and affecting the disparity in promotion health care.
1- identify a barrier to decreasing a health disparity in a vulnerable population ( elderly Latin diabetics outpatients).
2-evaluate the workplace for the presence of barriers in understanding vulnerability.
3- use the action plan approved by your facilitator to complete this project.
4- development your action plan with the objective of increasing awareness of vulnerability based on culture, illness or disease, or a goal of health people 2020.
5- design the material for your action plan for your workplace( describe the concept that were the project’s focus, results, and possibilities for futures change.

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