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Assignment Questions

Walden Questions written by Henry David Thoreau

(use the new released book “Transcendentalism” for some of these) (The words in quotations with the questions I typed are sections you will find of his writing). Completely answer the following questions pertaining to “Walden” by Henry David Thoreau.
Question #1) (Read about economy and then write the paragraph I described) “Economy” -the word economy has at least five meanings: a) frugality b) the individual’s allocation of his or her own resources c) the subject studied by economists d) society’s system for allocating scarce goods e) the current state of the people’s material well-being in a given society. As you read through the first selection of Walden, make note of which of these meanings Thoreau probably had in mind as he was writing. Write a well crafted and well-developed paragraph (including TEXTUAL EVIDENCE) discussing the connections.

Question #2) “Where I lived and what I lived for” Summarize carefully Thoreau’s argument in this section: a)What is he saying? b) What is he asking us to agree with or do? c) What does he see as the main problem with the way we live? with our values? our behavior? our perceptions?

Question #3) “Solitude” In a short paragraph, discuss Thoreau’s attitude toward nature in this section. Use text, and follow with commentary.

Question #4) “Solitude” Explain, using text and commentary, Thoreau’s answer to the question of whether or not he is lonely at Walden Pond.

Question #5) “Conclusion” Why does Thoreau leave Walden and what does he say he learned by his “experiment” (and why does he call it an experiment)?

Question #6) “Conclusion” What in this last section connects to Emerson’s ideas in “Self-Reliance”

Question #7) “Conclusion” Summarize Thoreau’s main idea in the next-to-last paragraph

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