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Assignment Questions

War and Poetry

Uitilizing the story we read from Worlds of Fiction and the reading “War and Poetry” construct a 3 page essay which explores the following topic: how and why do literary accounts of war allow insight into a historical event? You might ask yourself such questions as how does the reality of war differ from the romantic image of war? How does war change the combatatant? What do soldiers value in the midst of war? The book used is The Heritage ofWorld Civilization: Chapters 30: impearlism and World War 1 and chapter 31: Depression, European Dictators, and the American New Deal. Please return in an attachment.Emergence of The Great German Empire (P669)–World War I, what caused the outbreak of WWI, (P673). Poems used William Wordsworth; Occasioned By the Battle of Waterloo. 1. Alred Lord Tennyson; The Charge of the Light Brigade;Guy Jones; A Tear for Those Who Gave A Their All; Rudbury Kipling; The White Man’s Burden

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