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Assignment Questions

Was it Woodrow Wilson’s Decision to Enter WWI or the Cabinet’s Decision?


The learning objective of this assignment is to introduce students to the technique of library research, the utilization of primary and secondary historical sources, and the writing of a research paper.

Topic: ?Was it Woodrow Wilson?s decision to enter WWI or was it his cabinets decision?

* Must argue a perspective here using primary source documents (i.e. Link?s Papers of Woodrow Wilson) as well as using secondary sources. See link below for more information. http://www.lib.lfc.edu/resource/history/wilson.html


1. Must use Arthur S. Link?s, The Papers of Woodrow Wilson. This will serve as primary source. A superb supplement to the Link edition of The Papers of Woodrow Wilson is an older collection, Ray Stannard Baker (ed.), Woodrow Wilson, Life & Letters (1927-1939). It should be used in conjunction with the Link edition where the two series overlap, although the Baker edition will prove especially helpful beginning with the year 1915.
2. Must use secondary sources as well.
3. 10 pages. Double Spaced.
4. Must number every page using cardinal numbers (1,2,3,ect.)
5. Properly footnoted, although notes need not be placed at bottom of each page.
6. Must provide research note cards in an elastic band.

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