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What Was The Cause of Virginia Woolf’s Madness ?

The essay is about Virginia Woolf‘s collection of essays called “Death Of A Moth”. The essay needs to cover at least 6 essays in this collection. The essay needs to explains the stylistic features and concepts Woolf‘s uses. These stylistic features and concepts should indicate something about how Woolf sees the world and how she thinks. An example essay is “Elizabeth’s I’s” by Maithreyi Nandagopalan. Reading this essay should help a lot because the essay needs to be similar to “Elizabeth’s I’s”. (The essay should be similar to this one in structure, but with examining Woolf) I will send previous assignments related to this essay so that you can see what I’ve come up with so far. I will also send 1 essay that is not in the collection called “Portrait Of A Londoner”. You can find the “example essay” online by typing in the title and the authors name. Also the link for Woolf‘s collection is http://ebooks.adelaide.edu.au/w/woolf/virginia/w91d/contents.html.

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