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Assignment Questions

Which Among Plato’s Four Cardinal Values Is the Best?

Having Examined Plato’s 4 cardinal virtues, which of the four do you believe is best of all, and why?

This Journal has to be done in critical thinking matter.

4 Cardinal Virtues:

Plato identifies 4 cardinal virtues as necessary for a good society and for a happy individual. Cardinal virtues are essential, basic virtues that provide optimal functioning for the human soul.

Temperance – self control and moderation. It’s important for the worker class, but necessary for all 3 classes of people. The state, too, must control itself, not yielding either to the unjust demands of other states or to a lust for expansion or power. The state must not give in to an excess of liberty or repression. The heathy state resemble the healthy person. Both are moderate, self-disciplines, and guided by reason. The healthy soul is not controlled by appetites.

Courage – is the essence virtue of the warrior class. Courage is necessary to protect the community and to enforce the just laws of the guardians. In the individual, courage is a quality of will, and essential drive that provides a person with stamina and energy.

Wisdom – is the virtue associated with the guardians who are called the philosopher – kings. In the individual, wisdom is present when rational part of the soul is healthy and in control. Wisdom is found only in community ruled by those fit by nature and training to guide in: the philosopher – kings who have seen the Good.

Justice – is the result of the other 3 virtues, in much the same way that bodily heath is the result of the proper functioning of all organs and systems. Justice is excellence of function for the whole: Each essential element works well, and together all elements blend into balance system in the just state and in the just individual.

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