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Why Arthur Miller’s Play Experienced Success in the American Theatre

one of the reasons that arthur miller”s play, Death of a Salesman, has had such a success in the american theater is because the dreams, desires, prorities and experiences of Willy Loman and family reflect many of the elements operating in American society. for your critical paper assignment, using the play and the specififc. examine the connection between the loman family and american culture. Begin by summarizing the basic argument presented by one of the atricles, and then develop a thesis of your own that either supports or challenges the view you have summarized. Be sure that your summar is both accurate and substantial. In the course of your essay, be sure to cite from the text of atleast two more critics other than the one whose argument your summarize at the beginning of your essay.

your thesis should be clearly stated, and you should support it with careful analysis of the play relevant passages from the critical material on the shared files. your paper should not just be an analysis of the play itself. it should demonstrate that you have ready carefully the other materials and used them in the development of your paper

to access the shared files you must go on my college website at www.ocean.edu then login username:andrew_may ( with the dash ) password:candace6. then go to shared files and look for the critical paper and all the information should be in there that you need. thanks alot if you have any questions email me at

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