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Why Girls are More Concerned with their Appearance than Boys

my women studies topic: Why are girls more concerned about their appearance than boys?

listed below are instructions:

Perspective Paper: There will be one paper due for the semester. The paper must be at least 6 pages. You will need to discuss a minimum of twelve words you learn throughout the term as they relate to your topic. These words must be used correctly with reference to your topic. The importance of the paper is to help you gain an understanding of the information presented in class, the book, readings and your own research. It also being required to help enhance your writing skills all while integrating the things you have learned over the length of the term into your paper. The paper will be graded based on how well you integrate the information from readings, discussion/lectures, videos, and other important material that relate to your topic.

12 vocabulary words are:

body image
sex hormones
beauty myth
mind-body dualism
male glaze
“No Sissy Stuff”
psychology of the uterus
gender attributions
body dismorphic disorder

The name of the textbook for the clas is listed below and is where the vocabulary words are from.

Questioning Gender
By: Robyn Ryle

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