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Assignment Questions

Why Virtue Ethics is the Most Plausible Moral Theory

Paper must argue why Virtue Ethics is the most plausible moral theory. It should not include any references to any other moral theories. It should include a proclamation and explaination of virtue ethics, any moral principles that follow from the standard, duties, and concrete application (case studies/problem areas.)
It needs:
Define Key Terms (moral standard, moral principle, etc)
It needs to somehow fit the moral list into the paper, for example: After reviewing my moral list respect is one of the words on there that goes along with this theory. It does not need to have every word from the list mentioned, just a few.
Voting criteria
Objections/Weaknesses with this theory
This is an opinionated paper, so use the word I in it.
I also need 2 additional references besides the information I am sending you, the references cannot be websites. They must be either books or articles from periodicals. If you cite anything from the material I am sending you, just put the page number in parentheses after it.
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