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Wireless Options for the Production Building

Wireless Options for the Production Building

The staff in the production building often move from place to place and, rather than working at fixed workstations, they want to take portable computers with them as they move between different locations within the building. Create a short report that explains what you recommend.

Lake View Chemicals produces chemicals for industrial use and for pharmaceutical companies. There are three building on their business campus. The administration building houses the company’s management, financial, and sales offices. The research building contains laboratories, scientists, and engineers. The production building is used for manufacturing chemical products and for shipping. Each building is currently networked using twisted-pair cable inside the buildings and fiber-optic cable to connect the buildings and to connect floors within the buildings.

Lake View Chemicals has patented many specialized manufacturing and chemical processes and is always researching new products. The company considers its research teams to be some of the best in this line of business, and it carefully guards its research secrets.

Some areas of the company have decided to explore the use of wireless networking. For consulting help they hire you through Aspen IT Services.

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