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World of Choreography

1 to 1.5 page essay
Using the material provided I need help with a reflection paper on ideas and areas of interest found within this chapter. I have included the back ground on this known artistic choreographer but I am suppose to delve into ideas and thoughts on this information. There is no formal writing requirement to this other than it is suppose to be about ideas and thoughts taken away after reading this material. Below are areas I found to be of interest. If yu can somehow put this all together into a reflective essay on this chapter sharing discoveries, questions , thoughts , and related feelings i would greatly appreciate a good solid start.

page 17- movement is transformation of change

his notation system was a way of capturing the shifts off vertical, the sweeping or coned tracks of movement in ever changing spacial configuration. ” capture the eternal in time and space”

his work dominated the world of choreography but not without criticism. Dancers were often resistant about the changes he brought to ballet. “For Laban…his goal was freedom, light and anew reasoning based on experience and interacting dynamically. He was far more interested in the process of opening up and expanding ones personal expressive range than he was in his own personal power or any sociopolitical outcome”(29). His work went against the values of the Nazis. Which to me says a lot about his personal satisfaction that he knew in order to develoo his theories he had to make adjustments to achieve something better. Life is similar to this thought. We often have to conform to the ideals of others in order to be able to create our own ideals. and values.
here is the essence of what I related to
page 36
” Rudolf Laban rode along all of the pathways of his times attentively, and with an abiding faith in the nature of the universe to support mankind, Because he did not plan out his life, or even design his career, he was able to respond to the issue at hand, in the moment, and yet he was able to avoid taking responsibility for those issues” (36).
I found this very meaningful to my life today. everything seems so planned out for us, we are instructed to chose a major, work hard to achieve a goal of becoming something, and in the end is what we have become really what we thought? For most people I would say the answer is no. Laban lived his life creating work and no one was judging him along the way.

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