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Assignment Questions

World Trade Center

Paper #1, World Trade Center:
This September 11th is the eighth anniversary of September 11, 2001, a day in American history that is changing the American way of life. Our methods and ease of travel, the types of buildings in which we work and live, and our comfort living in large cities, and our comfort and trust of people of different colors, cultures, and nationalities have had a great impact on our daily lives and our sense of safety. The following questions are to be considered for your research paper. If you visit the Hancock Tower in Chicago, the Space Needle in Seattle, the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C., or the Empire State Building in New York City, would you have some uneasiness occupying a landmark building of great height? Do you ever wonder how you would have evacuated from the 104th floor of #2 WTC after the building was hit by a large jetliner? What if you had a sprained ankle or a broken leg; would you have been able to attempt to exit the building? Did the materials within the building cause the building to burn more intensely and collapse? Could the exterior skin or structure of the building have prevented the plane from breaking into the interior? Was the safety of the pedestrian, the surrounding buildings and below ground train and subway stations ever taken into consideration? Why did the building collapse: and how could that have been prevented? Engineers, architects, interior designers, code officials, and fire safety officials are involved in research to improve escape routes, areas of refuge, and more creative means of exiting high structures including parachutes and long slides. The construction professionals are being very creative in how to keep people safe and how to improve and speed-up exiting. Some of their concepts may never make it to fruition, but many will and the building’s tenants will use many of these creative ideas in the near future. Discuss these concepts and your opinion of their success and implementation. How would you an an interior designer change interior specification materials to protect the occupants of a high structure?
For this first writing assignment, your task is to identify the typical codes implemented during the construction and subsequent remodeling of the World Trade Center and the effort that was initially put forth to protect the inhabitants of the buildings. Discuss the physical occurrence of September 11th and how people will again feel comfortable occupying very high structures.

PAPER MUST BE ORIGINAL as it is going to be submitted by professor for check

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