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Assignment Questions

World View on my religion

Worldview Essay. In this four- to five-page essay, reflect on the insights
gained in this class and how you have identified the way you view the
a. First, define and describe your worldview based on the categories
and contributing factors discussed on the first night of class.
b. Then, describe how you have seen your worldview played out in
your everyday life work, family, relationships through your answers
to the following questions:
1. If you are religious, what experiences and other contributing
factors have influenced your theology (what you believe
about God)? Or, if you are not religious, what experiences
and other contributing factors have influenced your beliefs?
2. To use the language of our textbook, how do you feel about
the “sacred-secular dance” and why? What contributing
factors have influenced your understanding of the
relationship between Christianity and American popular
culture, including politics, entertainment/media, and changes
to the American church?
3. How has considering and understanding your worldview
affected your interactions with others?
4. Finally, now that you’ve examined why you view the world
the way you do, did you discover any holes or
inconsistencies? Are there any changes you would like to

I grew up in a christian family. One thing that bothers me and we disscussed the first night of class is all the different denominations. My thoughts are that religion is good but over time has been misinterpreted dating back in time. I have no affliation with any church as I do not want to be labeled. My prayer with god is something that is private and intimate.I value family, education and health.

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