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Assignment Questions

World Views on Post-positivism, Constructivism, Advocacy and Pragmatism

How are the worldviews post-positivism, constructivism, advocacy/participatory, and pragmatism (Table 1.1) described in the Creswell book might apply to the following proposed research questions (that part of the Creswell book will be sent as a resource for this work).

Every new technology has its own benefits, but on the other hands there are always risks too. There are several risks that are associated with cloud computing, and some of these risks do not have an industry wide solution yet. To accomplish this purpose, the following research questions will be examined:
1. What specific risks do companies face from insider threats in cloud computing situations?
This basic question was selected because it is a fundamental piece of knowledge that must be obtained before the research problem can be more adequately and specifically addressed. Identifying risks is necessary for developing a reliable framework and for making recommendations for combating those risks. This will add to current literature in the field by providing more concretely defined and validated risks than are currently available. A variety of malicious and accidental risks are expected to be strongly represented in the findings.
How can costs be effectively associated with risks?
This question is important for both research purposes, as well, providing another fundamental piece of the framework needed to fulfill the first research purpose and also ensuring that recommendations made in the fulfillment of the second research purpose are cost-effective and proportional. Answering this research question will thus enable the research problem to be directly addressed which it is in fact a part of directly addressing this problem and will further add to the literature in the area by providing a list of mechanisms, associations, and modeled reactions that assign monetary figures to risks. This understanding will greatly enhance other research in the area as well as providing significant practical benefit to current businesses. It is expected that costs will all have multiple factors affecting their values for individual business and scenarios.

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