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Assignment Questions

World Wide Web Search Optimization for Physician

I need a 5-slide power point presentation first, on 11/9. This should explain objectives of the paper, etc. Perhaps, up to 5 slides should be enough to describe your work, interest, aim and objectives of the project and motivation. The remainder of the order can be completed 12/20.

I need thesis titled “world wide web optimization for research. I need a list of references not bibliography. This thesis design new model using UML. It should be high standard work to pass from UCL (University College London). At the beginning the supervisor want a small study for 20 thesis which related to this subject then should get the author name, algorithm, approah, methodology, objectives, future work. All resources must be uptodate. I must recieve this work chapter by chapter not all work together. Firstly I want to recieve a study plan or Gantt chart befor starting with this work

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