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Assignment Questions

World Wide Web

I need a historical research paper that addresses the question: How do social, technological, and economic changes impact the individual?
My overall question: What is one of the most important technological advances in recent years?
My subtopic: The introduction of the World Wide Web.
My question about the subtopic: How did the introduction of the World Wide Web change the way individuals acquire and share information?
My Thesis/Focus statement/refined question: The introduction of the World Wide Webhelped make the Internet so much easier to use and understand for the average person that it has become the most popular and widely used resource to search for and obtain information.
As stated in my order, I need 6 sources, but there are limitations on the number and type of sources I can use: Only one (1) source can be electronic(from the Internet), and the other five (5) sources must be books, articles, etc. In addition, absolutely NO ENCYCLOPEDIAS can be used. I will also need a Works Cited page.
The criteria of the research paper are as follows:
* Excellent, perceptive understanding of historical content
* Thorough evaluation of the evidence
Use of Sources-
* Excellent application of relevant sources
* Thorough integration of source material to support the
paper’s ideas
* Discriminating use of sources throughout the paper
Integration of Sources-
* Seamless introduction of source material in a variety of
* Consistent and correct use of in-text citations
* Purposeful connection of source material to main points
* Purposeful and effective structure to the paper
* Ideas presented in a purposefully logical order
* Supporting examples are well integrated into the body of
the paper
* All parts of the paper show thorough development
(abstract,introduction, body, conclusion, and works cited)
Use of Language/Mechanics-
* Clear and precise use of vocabulary and varied sentence
* Consistent use of formal third-person voice
* Uses conventions effectively to articulate ideas

I can only use one (1) electronic source (from the Internet) and the rest need to be books, magazine articles, etc. In addition, absolutely NO ENCYCLOPEDIAS

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