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Assignment Questions

Worldview Articles


1. Answer the following questions in 3 clearly separate parts I, II, III (425?450 words). This word count is for the entire assignment, but also pay attention to the fact that every part has its own word count. I do not mind if you write OVER the maximum word counts, especially if you are writing well (see Writing Rules 1-3). You will, however be penalized for not meeting the minimal word counts. You will lose 15 points for every 50 words short. If your entire paper is under 250 words you will receive NO credit.

2. Be sure to answer every question. Part I has one question, Part II has five and Part III has two. ?Every question? means EIGHT total questions. Each question should be answered in a separate paragraph. Your paper should be neatly arranged in THREE PARTS and EIGHT PARAGRAPHS.
3. Meeting the minimum word count as required for each paragraph is important.
a. Do NOT include the question as part of your word count. Remember that anything under 250 words will receive NO CREDIT, and there is a 15 point reduction for every 15 words short. You may write out the question, but it is not necessary and does not count toward YOUR word count.
b. Direct quotations should be short and limited. When you write out a quote, it should not take up more than 2-3 lines. If you are writing over the maximum word count, you may have lengthier quotes. This assignment is too short to allow for lengthy quotes, I want to read your thoughts and how you are processing the information.
4. Quotations and material used from other sources should be cited using APA. Details on this formatting style were the subject of Writing Rules 1.
5. Check your work for spelling and grammatical errors. Details on this matter were the subject of Writing Rules 3.
6. Be sure to do your own work, do not plagiarize. Details on this important subject was the focus of Writing Rules 2.

IMPORTANT: With regard to instructions regarding quotations your paper must minimally refer twice to your assigned readings (See Writing Rules 1). You may refer to your assigned readings more than twice, and also refer to outside sources you find on your own, BUT you MUST refer to your assigned materials at least twice. You cannot make an A on this assignment if you do not do this.

I. Part One: What is a worldview? Define what the term ?worldview? means. Use descriptive phrases to support your definition. (25-50 words). Here you are simply giving a workable definition of ?worldview.? ?Descriptive phrases? are given in the video (like ?lens? and ?framework? etc.) If you cite the video, which is fine, be sure you do so correctly according to APA. Cite any sources you use (assigned readings, outside sources) properly according to APA.

II. Part Two: Articulate the biblical/Christian Worldview (what is believed) for each of the following 5 questions. Give 2 relevant scripture references for each of the five questions below (do not write out the verses) to support why it is believed. (300 words). This section is the heart of the assignment; explaining the biblical worldview (not any other at this point) and what is believed in a biblical worldview and why. Note that two biblical references are required for each paragraph, thus 10 verses, properly referenced in this section. The best thing to do is to paraphrase what the Bible says and give a reference like (Gen. 1:1). I have also attached a listing of references under each category of relevant verses for those of you who are less familiar with the Bible?s content. You must also refer to your assigned readings (see Writing Rules 1) in this section.

1. The Question of Origin –
2. The Question of Identity –
3. The Question of Meaning/Purpose –
4. The Question of Morality –
5. The Question of Destiny ?

* Detailed discussion of these questions can be found in chapter 4 of the Weider & Guiterrez text Consider. This is actually an important point. Notice that each of the Questions of a worldview (Origin, Identity, Meaning, Morality and Destiny) have their own subquestions. For example, on p. 55 under The Question of Origin there are two subquestions; ?How did life begin?? and ?How did mankind come into existence?? These subquestions should be the focus of your discussion in each paragraph in this section. Feel free to use the supplemental resource I have attached to guide you to relevant Scripture for each question and subquestion.

Part Three: How might/should a biblical worldview influence the way you [Refer specifically to how biblical worldview beliefs influence your answer] choose only two of these (100 words): Only answer to TWO of the following. Choose the ones that mean the most to you at this point and explain how a biblical worldview might influence the answers.
6. ?think about, treat, and speak to others on a daily basis?
7. ?voting in local or national elections?
8. ?treat/interact with the environment and non-human creation?
9. ?decide a future career (what you will choose and/or how you will carry it out)?

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