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Writing a Dissertation about Central Bank

Dissertation two page proposal (500-600 words)

I have to submit a 500-600 words dissertation proposal in the next week. Then I have to prepare a 5000 words proposal (the initial proposal in more detail) for May followed by a 15000-20000 words final dissertation commencing on June until December. I would like my dissertation to be on the Economics area.

I will appreciate if you can propose me a specific academic topic of your own interest and make me this initial proposal. If for any reason this is impossible for you, please prepare me 500-600 words initial proposal for one of the following topics.
1. “The financial picture of two British quoted companies with the same type of activities: The Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions in the Furtherance of Strategic Objectives” (It is up to you to chose the two companies)

2. “The role of Central bank: a regulatory and monitoring body for the financial and economic development of a country.”

It will be advisable that data will be collected from secondary sources of information and precisely from books and a range of other publications (such as academic articles, magazine and newspaper articles from reliable sources, diverse media publications …etc).

This dissertation initial proposal must show:
• The topic/title of my dissertation
• What is my interest or concern? & why?
• Which aspect of management do I want to investigate in more depth? (scope of the study)
• What are my key research questions?
• Why is of interest to me & what do I want to get out of this research?
• Why will this be of interest to others? What practical outcomes might there be?
• What academic literature can I draw on? How can these be brought together in a conceptual framework to guide my investigation? (Key words , concepts & models)
• What other methods could I use? What problems do I foresee that could lead to my results being unreliable in some way? Are there any ethical considerations in what I propose to do? (Type of study- exploratory, descriptive and or casual? Data Collection methods- The sampling design- Data analysis and presentation)
• Expected/ anticipated conclusions

Customer is requesting that (jpz777) completes this order.

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