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Assignment Questions

Writing a Firm Analysis

he requested 5 pages will actually form a section of a broader 20 page research paper. It should specifically focus on a firm analysis of the Coca Colacompany operating in Brazil and compared to a similar analysis of any major indegenous bottler. These analyses should be examined in the context of (or against the background of) the marketing, political and economical challenges/problems being experienced by Coca Cola in that country.

The analysis of each firm should discuss a detailed SWOT analyses for each as well as appropriate financial analyses and ratios. Financial analyses should also include, for example, Foreign Sales to Total Sales; Foreign Assets to Total Assets; Foreign Employees to Total Employees and Foreign Equity to Total Equity.

Finally, I will also require an Introduction (~ 1/2 page) for th entire paper itself, Statement of the Problem(s) (~ 1/5 page), Hypothesis, Literature Review, Statistical Analysis, Recommendations, parenthetical citations, endnotes.

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