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Assignment Questions

Writing a Personal Statement

I need a personal statement explaining my immediate and long-range occupational objectives in relation to the PhD in Educational Policy I want to pursue. Currently, I am a full time professional academic librarian. As a professional librarian, I am a uniquely qualified PhD candidate, for the librarian field affords a wealth of experience, opportunity and skills that are very transferable to other professions. Skills that include but are not limited to: knowledge and experience in reference, bibliography, and information services, acquisitions and collection development, cataloging and classification of library and media materials, and the application of computer technology to different areas in academia.

My first exposure to this reality was a library internship in London where I assisted professors at Florida State University London Study Center with their research, and benefited from the experience of conducting research outside of the United States.

After this internship I secured a job as a media specialist at a high school, where the economics teacher fell ill the last half of the school year. Subsequently I taught Economics and American Government to seniors, and this experience helped me understand the teacher/student relationship in K-12 classroom, and how students view research at this stage.

In my current position as a Policy Studies Librarian at the University of Washington in Seattle, and my previous librarian position at the University of Minnesota, I honed my statistical skills in finding and interpreting data, and navigating through the ?information explosion? that is characteristic of social science research. Statistical research is the lifeblood of the type of research I wish to pursue during my PhD so I am well armed to perform all types of data analysis for my research to be a successful Ph. D candidate.

Here is a description of the program:

The doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) degree with a program emphasis in comparative and international development education (CIDE), administered by the Graduate School and offered by the Department of Educational Policy and Administration (EdPA), provides an opportunity for intensive study of comparative education, international development education, and international educational exchange. CIDE uses an interdisciplinary approach for the study of education?s role in economic, political, and sociocultural development; international educational exchange; and the internationalization of education.

I do not have a high GPA or high GRE scores, partly because I have had to work my entire way through school, since my parents immigrated to this country and didn’t even know the language, much less hold down awell paying job. I need to explain this in the essay as factors that have influenced my Grade point average or test scores, for example, if your educational has been generally disadvantaged I need these factors articulated successfully in my personal statement.

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