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Writing Stories to Explore Issues in the Ethics of Technology

Writing Stories to Explore Issues in the Ethics of Technology
Final Story

Each student will write a story. There will be five elements of this assignment as shown below.
We will focus on the issue of the stimulating effect of virtual worlds and video games. Each final story should contain the following elements:

1) Problem Statement: This explains why the story needs to be written. The problem statement should explain what perceived problem there is according to the definition of a problem provided in the lectures. It should suggest reasons why that problem exists and how this story might address this problem. Typical problems we discussed in class include a lack of awareness of an issue, a lack of awareness of the subtly or complexity of an issue, or a pervasive bias toward only one side of an issue. The problem statement should be something that can be solved or addressed by writing a story and should be in about 150 words. (10 points)

2) Objectives: This explains what the author is attempting to achieve through the story. This is the linkage between the problem and the story. These are the specific goals that the author will be attempting to achieve in order to address the problem and thus must be achievable units of work when writing the story. While many different stories could potentially be written given a set of objectives, they should all contribute in a similar way to resolution of the problem. The objectives should be about 300 words. (10 points)

3) Outline of the Story: This contains the narrative argument and the elements that will be used to construct that narrative argument. Depending on the level of detail the author feels is needed it may range from 300 to 400 words. (10 points)

4) The Story (50 points) -no specific length, so as much as you can write.

5) Analysis of the Story: This analysis explains how the objectives were achieved through the elements of the story. The analysis should be in the range of 350 to 450 words. (10 points)

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