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Assignment Questions

WWII Propaganda Posters from Office of War Information

Thesis Paper Topic
Office of War information WWII Propaganda Posters

Format: MLA
References: 7-10

WWII Propaganda Posters: Soldiers without Guns

Thesis Statement
Branches of the U.S. Government commissioned propaganda posters during World WarII. Posters were illustrated for the Office of War Information. Patriotic in nature, these illustrations were intended to stir up pro-American feelings, and help mobilize citizens to support the War movement.
Please include graphics of the WWII propaganda posters described in the thesis paper. Make sure each poster graphic has a caption.

A thesis paper’s title never asks a question—it always makes a personal statement—and it always contains a verb (usually an action verb). It takes a definite position on an issue because it is based in personal opinion. It looks like a documented newspaper editorial. It has a one-sentence statement (perhaps as the title, but definitely in the first paragraph or abstract) that sums up the author’s opinion—this is the thesis sentence, and it is referred to or stated again in the conclusion. The thesis paper presents a thoughtful, well-supported personal opinion not found elsewhere, and is never dull.

Abstract: Page 2 begins with the “Abstract,” which is a required and properly identified one- paragraph summary of the paper. Abstracts (summaries) help libraries organize indices. It’s a good idea, especially since the Abstract requires the author to condense the paper into a few lines. It also helps the author to clarify what the paper is all about. Obviously, the Abstract contains the thesis sentence!

Major hint: Write the Abstract after finishing the paper to make sure that its summary is 100% accurate! Most papers end up being somewhat different than originally planned.

Body: 11 pages.

Conclusion: The required and named Conclusion sums up the main points and directly or indirectly repeats the thesis sentence.

Graphics: Use graphics only in addition to the text page count (11 pages). Size photos to be as large as possible and position them at the tops of their pages. If there are to be two photos on one page, try to make them the same size. Each photo needs a caption, which is placed below the photo.

Total: Cover + body + footnote list + bibliography = minimum of 11 pgs.

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