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Assignment Questions

Wynn Resorts Case

As the new fiscal year approaches, Steve Wynn (CEO and Chairman of Wynn Resorts, Ltd.) is evaluating his business strategy and its ability to meet with continued success in the gaming and resort entertainment industry. He has asked you to put together a report assessing Wynn Resorts‘ current situation and to make recommendations for improving strategic effectiveness in the upcoming year. You will have a 10-minute meeting with Wynn to highlight your findings.

Your report and overview should address the following key strategic issues:

1. Describe the company’s strategic leadership issues.

2. Conduct a complete SWOT Analysis and summarize the following:

Wynn Resorts‘ internal strengths and weaknesses, and
Opportunities and threats existing in the current external environment.

3. Evaluate Wynn Resorts‘ business strategy and its suitability for the company’s current situation.

4. Present your suggestions for improving Wynn‘s strategy in consideration of the environmental forces which have strategic implications for the company’s future.

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