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Youth librarians and homework centers

Youth librarians in public libraries are often given the responsibility for after school homework centers. In addition, they are also besieged by parents who come in to get materials to help their children with their research projects and homework assignments. Review the literature on homework/homework centers and the responsibility of youth librarians to this segment of their communities. Using the literature available and any research studies you may locate and a visit to no more than two public libraries with homework centers, make a list of the essential elements you would include if you were to be asked to take responsibility for homework centers for youth. You may put this list in an appendix. END OF ASSIGNED ESSAY TOPIC

My Directions follow:
I will be making visitations to the various public libraries, and writing a synopsis of these visits. Please include a list as stated above, also include copies of all research. This is important. I acknowledge that your staff is probably very good at writing, but I am basically using this as a template and the copies of the researched items will help me to tweak the paper and make it relevant towards the in-class discussions. Swamped with many papers. Assigned essay is more than 17 pages, your effort will provide a working outline for me (hopefully).

Please notify me in advance of accepting this order if the copies are doable, and I repeat, as this is important.

One publication to use (if possible) is “Creating the full-service homework center in your library” by Cindy Mediavilla. Contains an excellent bibliography.

If not here are some sites that were noted. (Didn’t have time to double check their current status.) Can be used but not limited to the following:

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