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Youth Ministry

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Cultural Observation Project 2 (outline)

Location of Observation:

Paper Two Outline:
1. Write at least two full pages of what you learn from this entire project. As you consider what you have observed for a second time, what did you learn from this project? This may include the things you have seen and experienced during the second trip. In addition, what did this project do to help you see you the need for youth ministry?
2. Finally, develop the three level strategy could use to reach people like the ones you observed (over two full pages). This must include a prayer strategy, a personal contact strategy, and an event strategy

SETTINGS: Arial font, 12 point font, double space, 1? margins.

Basic Requirements:
? Include a rationale of 50 words or more as to how your choice meets the criteria of a secular well-attended local teenage (ages 12?18) ?hot spot.?
? Trip to the ?Public Arena? of a well-attended student-populated location.
? At least 75 minutes in length of focused observation.
? Wherever/whatever location you choose, it must be one that is well attended and ?secular? in nature. (The intention of the assignment is for you, the student, to see the masses of teenagers and the lostness of their culture. Let us step outside of our Christian bubbles!)
? This may be done alone or with a small group of like-minded participants.
? A completed four pages (or longer) paper.

Some Examples:
1. A local Middle School or High School well attended sporting event or school event.
2. A local shopping mall or largely populated store.
3. A fair, amusement park, or another entertainment function.
NOTE: You must confirm your choice of the assignment location and provide a rationale of the site in Module/Week 2 and Module/Week 6, in the Assignment link in Blackboard.

Trip 2: (Purpose = Repeat the Observation, Response but now also consider What I Learned and a Strategy to reach these students)
Repeat the three steps as seen in Trip 1. Before you engage in the observation, do the following in a quiet moment:
1. Before you enter the chosen place of assignment, read and meditate on Matthew 9:35-38.
2. Pray that God?s Spirit will begin to help you see people as Christ sees these people.
3. Be careful to observe the students and the outline given

During the Second Field Assignment: (SPECIFIC OBSERVATION)
1. As you repeat the steps from the first field assignment, look deeper into the lives of these students with more of a specific observation.
2. Begin to look at these students as God does ? as individuals. Begin to see individual students as one that God passionately loves. Begin to see individual students as one that Jesus Christ died for. Begin to wonder how their home life is, what are their hurts, fears, dreams, pains, loves, passions, beliefs, goals, etc?
3. Begin to look deeper into these individual students. Look beyond the ?deeds? (behavior) and look into their ?needs.? What do you think causes their outward behavior?
4. Look at their sin. Think how this grieves God.
5. Look at their lostness. Think how they live ?like a sheep without a shepherd? Think how it must be to live life without God.
6. As you look at some of these students, begin praying for them.
7. Before you leave the site, consider doing a simple and silent prayer walk around the site. Beg God to bring His conviction to these students. Pray that God will raise up an army of godly Christian students to boldly and lovingly bring the truth of Jesus Christ to this campus. Pray for youth ministries in this area to become strategic in reaching these students. Pray for God?s presence to become real on this campus and pray for the genuine salvation of these students
8. As you observe, begin thinking and praying what it would take to reach these people

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